Welcome SJU Parent!

Saint Joseph's University Parent Community

This resource is called a “Parent Community.”  However, we at Saint Joseph's University recognize, welcome, and celebrate families in all their forms.  Whether you are an adoptive or biological parent, a guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister (the list could go on), we use the shorthand “Parent” in the broadest to capture a caring and nurturing relationship you have with a student at Saint Joseph’s University.  Similarly we use the term “student,” “child” or “daughter/son” interchangeably to describe the person(s) you are parenting. 

Saint Joseph’s University is thrilled to have you as part of our community and looks forward to including you in this exciting time for your student.  As your daughter/son navigates the college experience, we encourage your engagement and view you as an important partner in your student’s success. 

College is a transformative time in a student’s life.  The resources on this Parent Community are intended to help you stay connected to campus life and serve as your ongoing resource throughout your student’s college career.  The information can help you facilitate informed discussions with your daughter/son while empowering them to live out the SJU Mission.  As students take responsibility for personal excellence, professional success, and engaged citizenship, they are backed by a team of people invested in their success. 

Our mission is to connect parents and families of SJU students to the University so that they may support student success.


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